Why is Food so Important at a function!

August 30, 2018

Years of scientific research has established the fact that sense of wellbeing, mood, confidence and even perceived intelligence is tied to a very essential function of life i.e. eating. The regular consumption of appealing food leads to the stimulation of certain hormones in the body which again makes us feel happy and joyful. So, there are very few problems in the world that a plate of tasty food can’t cure. Food is the harbinger of joy, the road to happiness and the ultimate comfort and if you need more reasons…food served in social functions achieves three important goals.

Goal#1 spreading joy and showing hospitality
In ancient times visitors to homes were treated with the best food at home as it was believed that the spirit of “Indian- ness” is in feeding guests heartily. Now that personal visits at home have dwindled…social functions mark those events when people get together and socialise while the host gets to show off social and hospitality skills. Obviously hiring Makemydish caterers in Bangalore will allow you to demonstrate your hospitality skills more efficiently and you can shine as a host/ hostess.

Goal #2 Creating emotional connections
It’s hard to be in a bad mood when there is lovely food around. Sharing a tasty meal prepared by the best caterers in Bangalore will bring hearts together, wipe away bad memories and create awesome ones. The conversations happening over delish food are the best and the friendships struck over great food last the longest.

Goal #3 Food brands Events
Obviously you would want your guests to remember your event for a long long time. Now this is rather difficult to achieve at a time when everybody’s social calendars are full of invites. So, the best way to have your event stand out and be talked about for ages is to ask the best and most innovative Makemydish Bangalore Caterers to build an amazing menu for you.

Food that can transcend filled bellies and create filled hearts is the best kind…and it’s the type we at Makemydish specialise in.

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